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Our Partners in Care
British Columbia Farm Animal Care Council

The BC Farm Animal Care Council, with its ‘Partners in Care’, are committed to working to ensure high levels of animal care in modern day food production to ensure consumers can have the highest confidence in their food choices.

Partner Industry Organizations

British Columbia’s ranchers and farmers are committed to their animals and ensure excellence in animal care, adopting and maintaining best practices on world renowned animal care research. They are key partners of the BC Farm Animal Care Council.

Complimentary Partner Organizations

Ranchers and farmers across BC are working together with government agencies, UBC animal welfare researchers, and provincial veterinarians to ensure the welfare of their animals.

Partner Farm Animal Councils

Maintaining high levels of animal care standards is an important national issue and the BCFACC works collaboratively with other Farm Animal Councils (FACs) across Canada. We share resources, best practices, develop and deliver training, and confer on a regular basis. Links to our partner FACCs appear below.

Funding Partners